This bike has really evolved and is definitely pushing the envelope when it comes to time trailing and performance efficiency. For me this bike is a real step up, the defining factor is the riding performance. This bike is the most snappy, responsive and user-friendly time trial bike on the market.

Foiling front end forks

The first key element that really impressed me are the foiling front end forks, which allows for a huge space for disc brakes and thru axels. This combined with the stiffness of the front end helps with riding performance.

@Sean Beale Photography

Folding front base bars

The new design of the front bars with the folding base bars, offers convenience when travelling and enables you to fold them up into a bike bag. The simplistic system of adjusting the base bar helps fit different riders and specific riding positions.

@Sean Beale Photography

Shiv disk hydration system

The new hydration system is unique. Having hydration storage in behind the rear seat post acts not only provides great storage for nutrition, but it also acts as a foil and streamlines the airflow making it as aero as it comes as well as being cross-wind optimized. That surface area doesn’t get affected by cross wind because your legs are already breaking the crosswind that’s coming in.

There is a 1.2 L bladder that feeds into the foil and the hydration hose feeds through the feeder hose right up to front junction, where there is a nose cap. Once this is removed the hose continues to feed up through the stem/base bar and out to riding cockpit position. The feeding system works really well with 6 ml hose composed of specially imported materials to disable the chance of kinking and allowing the flow to be 100%. This is just one example of a small detail of which Specialized have put a lot of thought into. Rather than have a hydration system where your having to suck really hard to draw the fluids up through the hose.

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The Nutrition Fuelcell

I call it my onboard Bento box. The internal nutrition fuel cell is a great system for re-fueling, providing easy access to about 10-12gels + the ability to store a puncture repair kit internally inside the frame, below that box. I slide mine into a small sleeve and then slide it in with tube and CO2 canister. It’s really unique to always this on you when your training or racing, completely out of the way, with no rattling around or hanging off your bike. Specialized have also

 Shiv Disc Riding Performance

I give this bike a 10/10 for riding performance. It’s stiff, responsive and fast.  The adjustability of the fit system is fantastic – the bike could fit 100% of riders out there and aesthetically for me, its a really beautiful bike. I love the look of it plus the efficiency and usability of it.