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Single Track To Kona


By March 11, 2020No Comments

“The focus at Ironman was a combination of earning the golden ticket to Kona and having the best race I could”.


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Ironman New Zealand is where all the Kiwi’s come to shine. It’s always an important race on the calendar, obviously because I’m a Kiwi, but also because it’s the biggest endurance race in my home country and a qualifying race for Kona. The focus at Ironman was a combination of earning the golden ticket to Kona and having the best race I could.

 Photo credit: Tim Bardsley

Ironman New Zealand is a hard race to target and peak for because it’s the first training block back after Kona the year before. It’s a mental challenge to absorb, process and recover from all the training and racing from the past season and then prepare for the next season. In saying this though, the other guys on the start line are in the same boat and they had a better race than I did.

Photo credit: Tim Bardsley

Although winning is always the best result, I feel like I’ve come out of this race in a  good position. My base training has started really well and the body is in good shape and injury free. If we look at it on paper, the goals that we set up for the last training block were achieved so it’s all guns blazing ahead with the training plan and now we’re on to the second block. There’s only two more big training blocks to go to get to Kona (one long and one short) so mentally it feels quite achievable and the seasons not going to drag on for too long which I think is really important. Mentally, if you’re already challenged by the idea of getting through to October then it’s going to be a really long season.

Photo credit: Tim Bardsley

This year, I’m feeling more driven than ever to perfect my performance for Kona. I’ve learnt a lot in the last few races and theres still a lot I can improve on. It’s exciting to really nail in on those small percentages and work on getting stronger.

For the first block of training year, the goal was to build a solid base around strength and endurance. We’ve done a lot of work on increasing the ceiling of my power numbers which means shorter intervals and a lot less running and swimming volume. The next phase is to start picking up the volume and lengthening out the strength endurance intervals and hopefully see them both align by the end.

This week, I’m in recovery mode. It’s a good chance to start getting my head around the next training block and about getting everything aligned so that when I get back into it I’m in a really good space. Then there will be a good solid 7-8 weeks of training before we head to Europe and race The Collins Cup.