From small-town mid-Canterbury farm boy to one of the most respected names in the world of multi-sport and adventure racing, Braden Currie is a World Champion, endorsed by RedBull and a multitude of other global brands. He started his career with a focus on off-road racing and paved his way into a professional endurance sport career by winning multiple titles including NZ & Asia Pacific XTERRA Championships and NZ Olympic distance, long distance and Ultra distance Triathlon titles. In the last three years he has dedicated his career towards the pursuit of an Ironman World championship title.  Braden never envisaged that he would end up being a road focused athlete, but Kona in his mind is the toughest endurance race on the planet. For this reason and this reason alone, he wants to win what he considers to be the ultimate test of physical and mental ability.

Over the previous few years since Braden turned his focus towards Ironman, he has broken course records, won the Asia Pacific Ironman Championship title twice, and placed 5th in the world in Kona. in 2020, after a few seasons under his belt, he felt he was in the best position he has ever been to have the performance he hoped for on the world stage in Kona. Kona was scheduled for October 2020 and for several months it was postponed until February 2021. Eventually the Ironman organisation decided to cancel the event until October 2021. For Braden, there have been some huge positive take-aways after a year of no racing. With racing being the biggest driver for Braden, without racing, there were many times he questioned his motivation. But ultimately it has enabled him to dig deeper into the layers of what truly drives him as an athlete. As it turns out, there is something that runs deeper than just the race. Braden discovered that his true driver is working hard. He was brought up on a farm and that mentality is at the foundation of who he is as a person and an athlete.

Even though the reward or racing hasn’t been there this year, Braden has realised it’s the process that is what he thrives on. He hasn’t stopped training and not racing has given him the opportunity to work even harder on the final layers or the 1%’er’s that are vital for getting him where he wants to go. There has been a huge focus on the bike.

Braden is also a dedicated husband and father, and as a family they are immersed in this world, together, navigating their way through everything that comes with being an athlete of this calibre. More so now than ever, as they face the challenges that have arisen in the face of a global pandemic.

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