Every athlete has a story of what they feel has contributed to their achievements. For Braden this was growing up on a farm in a small rural community, with hard working parents who taught him that success in life requires relentless commitment through the good times and the bad.

Braden did not fit within the mould of the educational system, and being dyslexic often made him feel isolated and inferior to his class mates. A teacher with a passion for multi-sport who recognised Braden’s struggle with school, started turning up at his gate at 6 AM every morning and making Braden go running.

In many ways, Braden attributes his success within the world of sport, to the teacher who believed in him.

To this day he reflects on the impact of having someone recognise his struggle and provide the pathway for building back his confidence in life and the self-belief that everything in life is possible when you apply commitment, dedication and heart.

Braden has gone on to become one of the most respected names in the world of multi-sport and adventure racing. He is a World Champion, a Red Bull athlete, a NZ and Asia Pacific XTERRA Champion and the NZ Olympic distance, Long Distance and Ultra Distance Triathlon Champion.

When Braden Currie says he’s pretty competitive, you get the feeling he’s also the master of understatement. For that is like saying he is ‘pretty fit’. His relentless drive has shaped him into a multi-sport endurance champion.

Braden’s multi-sport career kicked off impressively began, a three time consecutive champions in the Coast to Coast (World Multi-sport Championships). Becoming one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed multi-sport athletes was just the beginning of his domination within the world of endurance sport. Within the space of just a few years he has proven himself globally over a variety of racing styles and disciplines. Among these is the New Zealand Long Distance Triathlon Champion (twice), an achievement which gave him the confidence and determination to prove himself in Olympic distance triathlon, where after only six weeks of racing he became the New Zealand Olympic Distance Triathlon Champion.

Alongside his on road triathlon achievements, Braden also maintained his passion and dedication to off-road racing, placing second in the world at the XTERRA (off-road Triathlon) World Championships, and becoming a multiple New Zealand and Asia Pacific XTERRA Champion.

He is also a husband and a father – also hugely important roles to him, and by necessity because of the time and energy he puts into his sport to stay at the top of his game, his family have also become immersed in this world. Wife Sally Currie helps manage much of the media and marketing that goes alongside being an athlete of this calibre.


There’s a reason so few people reach the ultimate levels of their sport on a world stage. It is relentless hard grind. The demand of competing at the highest level requires every drop of stamina and strength a person is capable of, often on a daily basis.

There’s a physical challenge of pushing your body to its limits – and beyond. Then endless hours of training, of time committed to your sport (often while also juggling family life), the mental strength required to never quit and to battle through the tough times – repeatedly.

Braden is that rare breed of athlete who continues pushing through barriers. His drive seems him continually push his body and mind to its absolute limits – and then set himself fresh challenges.


His competitive spirit has taken him, and his family (including children Tarn and Bella), around the world, blitzing strong fields and racking up win after win. From triathlons and ironman to on-road and off-road events, he’s a human four wheel drive machine that just never quits.

After winning his first attempt at Ironman New Zealand in March 2017, and winning Ironman Asia Pacific Championship in June 2018 Braden has a new goal. His number one sole focus as he vys to become the only New Zealand male athlete to ever win the toughest endurance events, the Ironman World Championships.

Braden invigorates and encourage the notion that “everything is possible”.

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